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A simple case of short term memory loss ?

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A simple case of short term memory loss ?

Two police officers in town from Raleigh to teach a gun course lost a submachine gun and a handgun out of the back of their pickup truck. They couldn't find the weapons, but commuters did.

Fighting Whities, Geek Prom, nude soccer and more bizarre headlines. The officers came to Wilson on Tuesday to teach a submachine gun certification course sponsored by Wilson Technical Community College, authorities said. After they arrived, they realized that two bags of gear were missing from the back of their pickup. The bags held one MP-5 submachine gun, one handgun, several spare magazines, notebooks and other supplies for the class.

An MP-5 is capable of firing 9 mm ammunition at a rate of 800 rounds per minute.

The officers retraced their route into town but couldn't find the guns, and had to call local police. About two dozen Wilson police officers and Wilson County sheriff's deputies helped search for most of the day without success.

In the meantime, a Wilson resident found the bag containing the submachine gun near U.S. 301, took it home and called police after discovering what was in the bag.

Another resident found the handgun along U.S. 264.

A spokesman for the Raleigh police department did not immediately return a call for comment Wednesday.

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