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Williamson Trade School Pa

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I do know the school rents out camping equipment specifically for hiking/camping in the mountains, so I'm assuming there are a lot of trails around the area. I'd be happy to ride with you when I'm there.. if I can keep up with you that is..

I didnt even think of that. Well I go home on the week ends so its not that bad for me. I'm going to the Williamson Free Trade School. I had no problems with my unicycle at college. My roomate (which he was only with me for first semester, then I had the winter to practice in my room all by myself) was initially like, "What the?" But, he became cool when I showed him clips and pictures on the internet, because I couldn't really demonstrate trials in our room or the hallway.

Drunk and high people beware of when riding a college campus, and especially around these crazy cretins called "freshmen." My school is a big time party school, and I had a few annoying trashed people try to ride my uni. I also had some try to tip me over by holding my arm as I was riding forward around a group of them coming down the sidewalk--and the kid announced after he let go, "Whoa! He didn't fall over!"

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