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Wichita Area Technical College

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My name is James and I am currently attending college to become a (moment of suspense...) graphic designer. I currently work at a deli which means i'm always broke. So I've decided to start doing some freelance work to alleviate my financial burdens. Which brings me to a question, Exactly how should I go about 'Freelancing'? More specifically, How do I find jobs? How do I decide how much to charge? Etc. If any of you know of any good web sites, or publications that have Information on this subject it would be greatly appreciated if you could point them out to me. Also any tidbits of knowledge that the professional designers out there have learned from their years of experience would be more then welcome.

Thanks for the info, I've been to a couple AIGA events but I haven't joined yet. Would you happen to know their website address?

Right now I'm attending Wichita area technical college in Wichita, Kansas. It's more of a Vo-tech school then a college, but I figure after I graduate and get a real job I can afford to go to Wichita State University. What school did you go to?

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