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Vocational/ Trade School?

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If you went to a trade or vocational school such as United Concordia, American Career College, Bryman, Merick, Summit, Platt, etc.

What is your experience with these schools? What is your student loan debe/ cost of education for attending?

I am considering going into the medical field and these schools seem very appealing. I need pros/ cons. Please help me make a decision.

I am located in Southern California, so any experiences especially those from people in SoCal will be greatly appreciated.

Please share your experiences.

Employers, what is your opinion of someone who graduated from one of these schools instead of a community college/ university? Are you more apt to hire a college graduate rather than one from a trade school.

I love trade schools. Whent to one while in highschool for carpentry, and going to one now for home inspection. It cuts out all the basics in the traditional 4 year college. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

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