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Western Career College San Jose

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The other types of ads that really grate on me are the ones where we are supposed to know who the spokesperson is. For example, "This is Steve XXX for Frank Neiderhour at Western Appliance". Now who the hell are these guys? Am I supposed to know them?

I often wonder how many folks in the San Jose area (36 coverage area) wonder who the two people are who host... uh, lead... announce... aw heck, do the Western Career College commercials. Perhaps the SJ folks just think they are other WCC students, but those who watch ch 31 out of Sac would recognize them as Mark S. Allen (pronounced Mark-es) and Courtney (Uhhh?) of the KMAX morning news magazine program... I imagine that their image to those not familiar with their personalities see them in different light than those who know Mark to be a joker on the morning news show.

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