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Western Career College Pleasant Hill

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If anyone out there is using the Time Life Medical series (Time of Diagnosis) for patient education would you please let me know what you think? We're getting ready to select videos for digital patient education system and would like feedback. Also, any recommendations for excellent patient education videos would be appreciated. One area that we're having a particularly hard time with is relaxation/stress reduction stuff - there's so much to choose from!

The library of Western Career College use the Time Life Medical series in our Medical Assisting Program and find them excellent for our program. They are geared for patient education and are organized and interesting with great overview of medical subjects for our students. We do not have a whole set and I spent weeks trying to locate the company for ordering information. I finally found out the Time Life Medical department no longer exists. We also are constantly on the lookout for good basic medical videos that don't cost an arm and leg.

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