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Marcus, I know this is primarily a Warrior forum but much discussion lately has been centering around the NBA and the possible enforcement of an age limit at 20 years old. I was wondering if you could chime in your thoughts if you think an age limit would be good or bad for the NBA. warriorfan, Antioch, CA 4/28/05

I don't like the age limit. I think it's a way to make GMs jobs easier. I think it makes the draft interesting and relevant. Never mind the constitutional problems it presents, I'm speaking just from a basketball perspective. The responsibility belongs to the teams, not the players coming in. If no one drafts them, they're not a problem. An age limit takes the risk away, which is what drafts are all about. Take Washington for instance. They took a risk on Kwame Brown. It didn't work. Who is to blame? Kwame Brown for coming in early? Or the Wizards for passing up Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Shane Battier, Joe Johnson, etc.? Part of what bothers me is this notion that they want an age limit in part to protect the young players. They don't care about these players. If that's the concern, then make the age limit for hiring an agent. Make it against the rules for them to hire an agent unless they are at least 20 years old, that way the players will have the option of going back to college. And what's wrong with Andris Biedrins sitting on the bench? If the Warriors want to pay him to sit on the bench, that's their call. They could have easily drafted some college senior who can "contribute right away." An age limit just makes owners/GMs/scouts jobs easier and keeping a lot of young men's lives harder.

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