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West Central Technical College

Get the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and get in the high-paying medical industry!

Introduce yourself with one well developed paragraph, which includes a topic sentence, support and elaboration, as well as a concluding sentence. In this paragraph you must argue to your reader regarding one aspect of yourself.

Examples: (1) I am a descendant of George Washington and uphold his determination to always tell the truth. (2) I enjoy horseracing and will win the Kentucky Derby before I am 30. (3) I am a mother of three and strive to raise each of them to be all he/she can be.

Remember to stay focused on your argument and to provide sufficient support and evidence.

I have completed both the PCA and PCT certificate programs at West Central Technical College within the past year. I entered the PCA program at the beginning of my senior year of high school. It was a dual enrollment program so I recieved college and high school credits. By completing the PCA course, I was able to obtain my CNA (certified nursing assistant) liscense and enroll in the PCT program. I took the PCT course this summer before coming to school at West Ga. The class was five weeks long including the seven days of clinicals where I worked at Haralson Family Healthcare. With the completion of the PCT course I can work as a patient care tech. I beleive taking these programs has pushed me further into pursuing a job in the medical field.

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