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Washburne Trade School

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I just communicate with the students one on one and things work out fine. Also, what grade level? What kind of schools? Washburne Trade School, Chicago.

What were the class sizes? Is this like a high school or college -- what ages did you have? Is this a position in which one needs certification, or not? Knowing these things helps me to understand your perspective.

FYI, I'm a 7th year English/Drama/Math teacher, mostly 9th grade, at a school with a mix of city/rural/suburban, with about 30 per class. Sometimes the *small* injustices are easier to remedy. But actually, I do not agree with you that this one is a *small* injustice in relation to how our schools are run.

And while the other injustices you site are greater ones, this poster's interest lies in improving our schools as does mine. I would rather work on that than on any of the other issues. I leave those to others although I may join them if I see a way in which I can help. On the many issues involving the schools, however, I am active in trying to change people's minds about what should be done and active in trying to affect the local school policies. We all prioritize the issues we choose to work on, you know.

Group punishment and in fact most individual punishments do not work to teach our students how to become self-disciplined individuals nor participants who are responsible for their own learning, imho.

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