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Wake Technical College

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Wake doesn't have any silly mandates on its taxing authority, isn't facing insolvency, and has an exploding population. So why must our cuts be as drastic? Global warming has been implicated for recent wacky weather such as flash floods and droughts -- yet we cut emergency services. Global comparisons of education systems place the U.S. -- the world's wealthiest nation -- on par with countries such as Spain. Job training and technical schools are often cited as part of the solution: $600,000 can buy plenty of books.

Let's see, since the taxpayers haven't revolted as much as the citizens of California, YET, you think you should push them a little further? You are either a student or bureaucrat facing a job loss. Which is it? I bet that you're a welfare worker or library employee. Let's see- we can give our kids a better education by paying the same old teachers more money? Bullhockey! We need to eliminate teacher's unions, install a merit system, revoke tenure and start attracting GOOD teachers that teach year round and dump the lazy and incompetent teachers that now infest our systems demanding more money every year.

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