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I recently stopped working about a year ago & have been staying at home with my kids. My youngest will be starting school in about a year and I plan on going back to work. I was in the mortgage industry and was making $16/hr. I don¬'t want to return to that industry. I have been considering a trade school. I have NO IDEA what I want to do. My heart is with cooking/ baking but I don¬'t need to LOVE what I do. What are some vocational programs that take 6 months to 2 years to complete and pay decently (obviously equal to or greater than my mortgage job). I don¬'t want a ton of student loans after this is all said and done. Another thing, what is the pay ranges that people make in the medical or computer industries? I know people that are medical billers making $14 an hour, yet they ¬"know¬" someone making $23. What is the min/max pay for some of these vocational jobs? What are the pros and cons of these jobs and taking these courses? ? What schools are good,which aren't?

Check out

Click on the Occupational Outlook Handbook link. It's in the left-hand column towards the middle. From there you can find info on salary- national and state statistics.

Registered nursing would most likely make you the most money. You can get your ADN in about 2 years, after your prerequisites, of course. Every shcool is different. Thay make around $18 - $25 per hour, depending on experience and whether you work in a hospital, doctor's office

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