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Are the peg/screw assembly tests the "workshop" tests?

Expensive workshop tests are atypical and only purchased where the medical evidence is inconclusive. They usually run 8 hours a day and can last up to 3 days to see how a person functions in a work setting. Yes, the types of duties you were asked to perform are usual. It sounds like you may have had a workshop rather than the more commonplace VR referral which is less intensive. You apparently had to curtail because of dyspnea.

Assuming that your med. evidence doesn't satisfy the automatic criteria, they'll compare the duties of your past work, i.e., how much you were requred to lift, carry; how long you were required to stand, walk, as well as the mental demands of your job, etc. with the remaining function you have now, based on the med. evidence, MD's opinions, and any workshop evaluation.

If you cannot do that work, they determine if you can do any other work for which you are medically and vocationally qualified, considering the evidence mentioned in the previous paragraph along with your age, education, and work experience. The older, less educated, and less skilled your are, the better the chances of being allowed. They follow the so-called "grid rules" as a framework for guidance at this step:

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