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I'm seeking advice on what CAM software to purchase for our school.

Smartcam and Mastercam are both very good applications and I think they and others are working on / releasing the kernels of their software to run within such applications as Solidworks and other solid modeling CAD packages. From my perspective, this is definiately the way to go. Our world is increasingly being driven from 'expert software' with users who need to know the how and why not for their direct implementation but for verification that the software is doing the right thing. CNC is no exception.

Providers with any foresight may be interested in a school 'standardizing on their product because employers will be willing to buy software to match the augment the employee's ability rather than the other way around - it's cheaper!

(But PLEEEEZ pound your students with advanced algebra and trig. IMHO, that's where many come up short leaving them floundering to understand even some simple concepts.)

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