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Is there an eighteen credit course that you know of to achieve the certification at home? Going to school is not an option as my time is very limited.

While you are assuming the credits should have something to do with teaching, the original post doesn't actually say that. It simply requires 18 credits. I wouldn't be surprised if those are simply vocational school or college credits or any sort. Such credential hoops are all too common in education.

As for teaching people to teach, in the U.S. we are increasingly rigerous about teacher training requirements in the k-12 system, and yet at the college level and above there are few standards, and virtually no training in the actual practice of teaching. I was fortunate enough to be in a graduate program that actually considered it worth their time to train graduate students to teach, but we were virtually the only department on campus that went as far as having a required graduate course on teaching before setting us loose in the classroom. Since tenure is usually viewed as a reward for publication, not teaching quality, most graduate programs consider time spent teaching future college teachers to teach will be a waste of time that should be spent doing research, writing, or taking a seminar with a faculty member who may well be an example of how not to teach, but who has published a lot on their narrow subject.

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