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Are you argueing that secondary teachers should not be certifiied?

What do you mean when you say that vocational teachers should consider themselves lucky that they are allowed to teach at all without a certificate? We have loosers and narrow minded people in Voc Ed and in academic as well. We have always had a gross gap between the Voc Ed teachers and academic educators. Students have been cheated for years because of this. Students will continue to be cheated as long as that gap continues. We have a place for teachers of all subjects and the requirements are different for each one of them. An English degree does not allow one to teach History. Wage earning backgrounds are a requirement for Voc Ed teachers. Degrees area required for academic teachers. Vo Tech teachers (in my state) must take certification classes before they can be fully certified in the area they intend to teach. I have searched for years for the reason for the gap I mentioned. I can't define it other than "narrow minded people" on both sides.

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