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I teach youth at risk independent living skills and vocational educaion. Ideas? Any sites that will not just give ideas but the actual lesson? Needs to the fund and interesting/hands on. Not just Sit down work sheets. High school students. At least 5 grades below grade level in math, reading and writing. Help?

Here are some ideas- 1.Bring in some of those "10 CDs for $1" type ads and teach the students about reading the fine print and entering into contracts(Same for credit card offers!) 2. Compare checking accounts - bring in applications and info from different banks so they know what to look for when opening a checking account. Maybe even bring in a banker as a guest speaker. 3. How to fill out a job application. Guest speaker from McDonalds to talk about what they look for when screening applications. Follow up with interview skills. Bring in local business people for mock interviews. Hope this gets you started

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