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Is there much of this anymore? Is it a good idea or not?

people tend to demean vocational education. Perhaps it is from an unconscious and subtle elitist view, however, it none-the-less, is demeaning to the subject matter and those who pursue those courses. Our educational system advocates such elitist positions, unfortunately. Many lay those ideal to the door of multiculturalism, racism and self-esteem theory. But regardless, they are elitist in nature and simply unproductive. In many cases, vocational instruction carries with it substantial academic needs and can result in quite rigorous courses in their own right. I taught for a number of years at a vocational high school whose trade was aviation maintenance, both airframe and power plant. The FAA requirements, which were testable, required enough academic science and mathematics to meet regular diploma requirements. Add to that the highly technical information required for the trade, and you have quite a rigorous course of study. Granted, that all trades are not as academically rigorous, but to demean them as beneath one, for those who 'cannot go to college.' is demeaning. Right now, a great many skilled tradesmen earn more than teachers or other 'college educated' white collar employees. I don't find that particularly demeaning.

Educators must cease their subtle elitist views and fears of violating some precepts of multiculturalism, self-esteem or racism and provide strong vocational programs.

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