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Can anybody please tell me where I can find information on the differences on emphasis between educators and psychologists on vocational guidance.

My first thought is to ask some educators and guidance counselors, then ask some psychologists. You might also find useful distinctions by contacting the licensure or certification boards for these professions. I'm not aware of articles in the professional literature or textbooks that summarize their differences on vocational guidance. I think what you'll find is that educators emphasize developmental theory and make more use of software programs popular with young folks such as DISCOVER, SIGI-PLUS, The Strong-Campbell Vocational Interest program, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each of these is user friendly and kinda fun. Psychologists seem to emphasize aptitude assessments and measures of intelligence (e.g. Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale). Both sets of professionals may assess vocational interest, preferences for work related values, and personality preferences.

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