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Any advice?

Vocational experts have always been a part of the ALJ process. Sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it doesn't. how well your lawyer counters the Vocational experts suggested possible jobs for you makes the difference. This is why I have been advising you to talk to your lawyer more about educating himself more on the effects of your condition on your ability to work and to work up a plan to deal with the vocational expert.

If the Vocational expert suggest you are capable of job X that is commonly available your lawyer needs to either point out why you are not able to do job X or why it wouldn't be available to you or why you aren't qualified and can't get qualified for that job.

From what you have posted unless your lawyer gets aggressive but reasonable you don't have much chance of winning without the right medical reports to back your claim in your file. If someone brings up the malingering thing that last doctor wrote up I think your lawyer needs to point out the good doctor seems to be the one with the malingering problem and point out how he was late and then rushed through the exam process. After all you showed up on time doing what was required of you rather than malingering by being late or re-scheduling the appointment as a malingerer might be expected to do.

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