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I'm 24 and looking to make a career change. Im going to try and get into the IT field (Information Technology) more specifically either computer networking or security. But after talking to a few people in the field, i've gotten two different responses. One telling me to simply try and get a certificate + training through a vocational college so that I can get into the field and start getting experience ASAP. And another saying to go the traditional way and earn a BS degree then start working. Ive done the research and it does seem that having a BS degree will benefit me when applying to large corporations, but, nonetheless they require extensive experience that could be obtained while working instead of going to school that extra 2-3 years. So I'm torn. I'd like to get in the field ASAP if possible but if absolutely necessary i'd go the long way. Any suggestions?? Anyone gotten a degree through vocational colleges?

I apologize for doing this, but I have to answer your question with other questions.

1. What kind of job do you specifically want to get? 2. What kind of company do you want to work for? 3. What is the salary you hope to earn and how fast?

I ask these questions, as I think that once you answer them it will clearly say whether or not you need to go to a vocational or traditional college. Knowing what the market demand is for training and education coupled with your expectations will paint a clear picture as to what you should do to get to where you want to

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