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Are employers going to scoff at me if I try to use this degree to get a job? Is it going to blacklist me?

There are a number of other BSIS programs available by distance. Several of them are regionally accredited. There is an often stated opinion in this NG that non RA degrees are less accepted for employment than their RA counterparts. There is no data, no statistics, so it's difficult to know to what extent it is true. RA degrees are almost certainly more widely accepted than DETC degrees, the question remains, by how much.

If you think there is a chance that you might wish to pursue a higher degree, based on this BS degree, down the road, find an RA program. Simple as that.

If however, like me you are unconcerned about that, and want the degree for job advancement and personal satisfaction, AICS could be a good choice. There is some good and bad to AICS

Of the many posts from AICS students in AED over the last few years, ALL have been positive. It is a small school (they only offer 3 programs). We all seem to like the programs and the school. There have been no posts claiming lack of academic quality, poor faculty or administrative problems. The same can hardly be said for some other, though certainly reputable, institutions. Notably, University of Phoenix, TESC and Regents.

I have been watching for several years now and have yet to see a posting from someone who lost out on an employment opportunity because his degree was DETC accredited and not RA accredited. A very large number of companies, including my employer, reimburse for tuition at AICS. I can hardly imagine an HR dept. reimbursing tuition for a DETC accredited degree but not accepting it for employment. Also, AICS is approved by the United States government for DANTES grants and loans.

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