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Virginia Tech school shooting/ massacure?.. racism?

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I am extremely distraught after hearing the news of the shooting/ massacre at VT school. I myself attend college and although you may not know everyone personally at the school , you feel a bond and relationship with them somehow, I am sure those of you that attend or have attended a college know what I mean, or for any school in that matter. what could have caused a person to be so evil?

All I can imagine is the terror and horror that the students and teachers felt and how they must have begged for mercy before he killed them. how can you look at a person begging for theri lives then kill them? I wish he lived so he could suffer in prison? do you ?

Also after 9/11 people became prejudice towards anyone who looked of middle eastern descent, will this cause you to look at asains differently?

please pray for teh families and friends of those who lost their lives.

trigunmarksman! i can't believe u would say anything like that to the Asian people have u tired to think about the Asian people that r innocent and r helping our country!! just cause a person of that race did something stupid horrid and just crazy does not mean that all the other people with that race r like that!! Gosh!! i am not Asian or anything but I'm u shouldn't say stuff like that its not right!! keep those ugly unfair thought in ur messed up mind!! Anyways, sorry i had to get that out

i know how can u kill a person that is begging to live!!! Thats not a game this is reality!!

i am also I am extremely distraught after hearing the news ya can u believe a person would go to each classroom and just start shotting!! well a lot of people do that when they look at a middle eastern person they start thinking about all kinds of nonsense!! no i will not look at Asians in a different way.

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