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Vet tech school question?

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i'm looking for a vet tech program, however the nearest school to the little town i live in is one hour a way. 30 miles. i have been googling vet tech online schools and come across penn foster, pcdi, stratford. and i'm not sure what to think. penn foster has a associate degree in vet technician that you do all online or at home study. it takes about 2 years to complete, i see only vet courses listed, no general education courses. i thought if you got an associate degree in vet tech you HAD to take general education courses in order to get a degree. so i'm a bit confused on that and on what to do. any help or feedback from vets, vet assistsnts, vet techs, people in general would be very appreciated.

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I would be cautious about on online vet tech school because you need alot of hands on learning. With out the hands on learning, most vets aren't going to want to hire you. There are alot of things you won't be able to learn with out being in a classroom type program or an internship.

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