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Valdosta Technical College

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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the group. I'm currently a student at Valdosta Technical College (, majoring in CIS - Networking, and I just started taking Introduction to C programming, and am enjoying it immensely, as it's my first exposure to any 'true' programming language. The concepts seem to be easy to grasp, and though the exercises we're currently working on in class are extremely simple, I feel that I'm getting a pretty good foundation in it.

For anyone interested, we are using the book "Introduction to C Programming - A modular approach" by David M Collopy, and though it has Visual C++ 6.0 introductory version included with it, we're currently using Borland's Turbo C v2.1 as our compiler (yeah, I know, an antique compiler, but it's what the teacher wants us to use).

I do currently have one question/request to pose to the group - As I am new to the field of programming (though I'm fairly knowledgeable about other fields of computing), I was wondering if there were any resources online that I should be aware of - code repositories, discussion groups (other than this one of course) or any other such resource that is both a) New user friendly, and b) Coceptually easy to understand (content-wise, not interface-wise).

I would like to introduce you to a book written by the inventors of C, namely Ritchie and Kernighan.

I have the book and can send it to you so you may read it for yourself. It's a very good read, although it's had its critics but it's straight from the horse's mouth and nothing can beat that!!!

The name of the book, coincidentally, is "The C Programming Language." Some ingenious russians have got it, all you need to do is to click here:

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