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Turner Trade School

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1. We _strive for art but _settle for craft. 2. Half dried timber is in the worst possible state for turning. 3. Tools & equipment made in the Far East, must be inferior. 4. The more advanced our equipment and turning aids, the more satisfaction in our turning. 5. Who needs Einstein? Time is relative because the astronomic output of (some) production turners leaves them time to sleep, eat and whatever. 6. Adding "TIC" or ":)" makes an injurious comment acceptable. 7. Antique -> Patina -> Warm Glow -> Satin Sheen -> Luster -> Gloss -> Shine -> Painted Lady is _not the ascending order for quality finish. 8. It's impossible for a turned object of today to have a unique form, design, use or concept or to be truly original. 9. It's the spouses and thosewmbo who limit our turning expenditures, time and space. 10. It is true because an authority in another field said it is true.

11. A bonus myth; my myths are actually true & self evident. What are some of yours? With TIC & :)

I'm a newbie to the group (been a lurker for some time) and pretty much a newbie turner. I started turning in 1955 (Springfield Trade School) and didn't turn from 1959 until 2004. It was like riding a bike. Now to the subject: Art is in the eyes of the beholder (be it you (meaning me) or some other soul). I strive for craft so I can make myself happy and fool some of the artsy folk. I'm sure that is true, but when I grind (I like to call it sharpen) my tools that came from Harbor Freight and PSI and screw them up (I really meant to say that they came out less than perfect) I don't cry or blame Providence. Maybe if I had tools from Europe or North America, I would not have to grind (I call it sharpen) ever. A whole set to grind (sharpen) for thirty bucks from HF. I splurged with my next set of tools because I was now a kind of a turner; got a set of tools from PSI for seventy bucks that I could grind (sharpen). Is Australia and New Zealand considered the Far East? I always thought they were in the Far West. I live in the Catskills of New York. Here the Far east is Massachusetts and the Far West,Ohio. I'm panting for the SuperNova chuck and a real honest-to-goodness outside caliper. When I obtain them, Nirvana. Don't know what "TIC" means, but an injurous comment can't usually be disguised by ":)". Most people pick it up.

Anything and everything I turn is unique and truly original. The initial design, concept, and intended use usually has no bearing on the result. I went to Springfield Trade. What do I know about Einstein and relativity or time continueums(sp) (although there is an excellent brewpub in Princeton called Triumph where I spent much time and money and had a relatively great time).

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