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Before you go to boot camp in the Army, do you know when you'll be home from tech school?

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Before you go to boot camp in the Army, do you know when you'll be home from tech school?

Once you get your date to leave for boot camp do you know exactly when you'll be done with tech/trade school? I'm tyring to plan a wedding for me and my fiance and I need to know at least 6 mos. in advance when he'll be done with tech school so we can marry before he arrives at his base. Possible?

my little brother went through the very same thing with his fiance. He left on April 10th and by August he had his orders to report to his base in Kileen, Texas. It took him about a week or so to find off base housing for himself, his new wife, and his 2 day old daughter. He could have gotten it sooner but he wanted to find the best place possible with the housing allowance he was given. I know you are excited about your wedding but please try to wait until you have definite dates in writing. My brother regrets rushing his wedding, but he was in a situation where he had no choice. He had no health coverage for the birth of his first child(which occurred while he was in boot camp) and his wife had no family to speak of to take her in while they planned a wedding.

If there is no rush in your situation do this the right way and wait till you have more definite dates. Your wedding is supposed to be your day to shine, a day that will be one of the most important memories of your life. If you are worried about finding housing on or off base, don't be, my brother has transferred bases a few times and has always had a huge choice of off base housing. Which has always been far less than the housing allowance he is given.

Regardless of your decision, I hope you have the most beautiful wedding and a marriage full of love, laughs, and great moments, which are the stuff of great memories no matter where you are.

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