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Trade School San Jose

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I applied for anything which looked remotely useful - learned that from my sister. I used my gender and ethnicity to my advantage (no flames on that please...if some group wanted to give money to an hispanic American woman, I wasn't going to bite a gift horse in the mouth..or whatever that saying is. Even those organisations that offer $1-200 per year or semester are helpful! There are so many small groups that want to help out a struggling student. The most it involved in my case was spending the time to fill out applications (which I was going to do anyway), and writing thank you notes or updates to those organisations. It's *worth* it, IMO. Some things to consider - if you already have a place to live where you are, are you planning to stay in the area? If not, consider the unis that are in lower cost of living areas (eg UC Riverside or Davis; many of the Cal States)as that will help your funding situation. Keep up that 4.0 GPA, but try to get some other activities in there (outside things are always good for scholarships). Also, if you have an AS degree, likely that will count towards 2 years of the 4 year degree. Saving $$ as well as time. *However* it's very important to make sure it counts. It doesn't automatically! Once you decide which school you'd like to go to, find out what their requirements are for transfer (this will vary by department from school to school and within depts in a school).

Yes, I have a job here in San Jose. I rent a room in someone's house so all of my salary doesn't go to housing (my attempt at being frugal) because the rent here is outrageous. Unfortunately I took out a loan to pay for a trade school years back and defaulted on it, so my credit sucks. This is what I plan to do, but the only thing I don't know what the differences are between the schools. Like there is San Jose State and then theres Santa Clara University nearby. What's the difference? How do I know which one is right? Ugh, I hate being ignorant.

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