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I would like to know if the New York Institute of Photography is worth going through. I work hours (Nights) that do not allow me to go to a normal school here in Sacramento Ca . And going to school in the morning is not going to work due to the need of at least 2 hours sleep. I would like to know if anyone else has done this and can tell me if they recommend this school.

What kind of photography do you wish to learn?

My 'formal' education in photography was trade school jr college, I've talked with a lot of folks going to Hifalutin art schools and they have some incestuous problems of their own.

I've found that the absolute best photo schools are intense one week workshops, you learn from the tops of the industry, with a groups of highly motivated students, many are often skilled in the specialty already but trying to pick the brains of the best or to get a different view point on their own subject.

There is the Santa Fe, Rocky Mountain, Maine, and even one in Yosemite. these tend to be fine arts, journalistic, and sometimes commercially oriented. The PPA and most state pro associations have portrait and wedding workshops around the country, one of the finest is the Golden Gate SChool sponsored by the PPGBA in the first part of june, it is the best bang for the buck as their prices with a weeks stay in a dorm is about what most places charge just for the program. The northern Cal PPA also has some great workshops too.

contact the sacramento pro photog's association, just call some pro labs in the area to ask.

You will spend 500 or so, and a week, 800 to 1200 at some of the fine arts colleges to learn far more than you could in a two year college program. I sure did.

To get an example of a wedding photography program, go to and look at Monte's tutorials, most of what he does is all there for you to read and view. In person he does demo shoots, lets you try and offers his observations on your technique, with one adjustment he brought years of schooling into 'focus.'

This reply, like most of my schtick is echoed to the z-prophoto mailing list at

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