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Trade School Pittsburgh

Get the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and get in the high-paying medical industry!

Let me tell you one other thing about Pittsburgh employers that really pisses me off. as one with advanced trade school degrees Im lucky to get a Pittsburgh employer who will offer me more than $8.00 dollars an hour but yet they will hire some one from outside the area for double what they offer a pgh. native, I know if I leave the area I can easily command $30,000 + a year

thats why I ended up working for myself and telling Pittsburgh employers to go to hell.

I've never heard of Pittsburgh employers paying people from out of town more than they do a Pgh. native. That makes me even more disgusted with this city. I know I could get a good job easier in another city also (preferrably a warm one, and one without potholes), but I don't want to give up my friends and family. I do have a job interview tomorrow downtown. They'll probably tell me the job is for $6.00 an hour. Which means after parking/bus and taxes I don't make anything.

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