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Trade School Philadelphia

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Around here, near Philadelphia, Pa., there is a shortage of machinist jobs. Most industry in my area has packed up and left or shut down completely. Also of all the trades that are available here machinists are the lowest paid of all. Most trades in this area average in the $20 / hour range. Machinists though average $12 / hour. No wonder there is a shortage of machinists! More and more are asked of machinists everyday, the technical part is ever increasing, yet the wages are stagnate. BTW this is nothing new. These same problems have existed for years. It is no shock to me that our jobs are being sent overseas.

That could well be and for more than just machinist instructors. We have a several of the full time engineering school professors at CSUN working part time at Boeing Canoga Park to keep from getting out of touch with reality. I work about daily with a structural dynamics professor from there.

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