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and the reason is because... *dah-dummmm* the high rate of immigration. at least in France, if you have difficulty in HS, the government puts you in a trade school of your choice so that you can learn a trade. that's socialism.

by brother, who did graduate from HS, wanted to become an electrician, but couldn't afford to go to trade school. so, he joined the navy. and now he actually works instead of not working as he did before. that's the luck of capitalism.

What's wrong with joining the Navy? My dad payed for most of his higher education by serving in the army (ok, he was drafted, so its a little different) One of my best friends went into the army right out of high school, he's happier there than he's ever been. And I happen to live right next to one of the largest military bases in the free world, and as such I have met quite a few people that went into the military for a few years to learn something or another and then got out and went into civillian work. The military may not be the best option in the world, but you can get an education and learn job skills in it (in that sense it is kinda a socialist program on its own, but at least we get tangible benefits out of it).

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