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Has anyone ever heard of a occupation called Medical Office Specialist?

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Has anyone ever heard of a occupation called Medical Office Specialist?

There is a technical trade school here in Michigan where I live that offers this program. I've never heard of any schools anywhere else that offer this program. I read about this program from the information packet that the school sent to me about the program and it basically involves a person running the front office of a medical facility or hospital.. I want to take either this program or take up a Medical Assistant program. I don't want to waste my time or money going to school for something that I am going to have a difficult time finding employment in once i am finished. Would you agree? Part of me just wants to go to school for Medial Assistant instead of Medical Office Specialist. But I think I would enjoy doing Medical office specialist work better than I would becoming a Medical Assistant. I thought maybe its better to become a Medical Assistant because I probably won't have such a diffult time finding employment in the field once I am finished as I would MOS program.

Two *very* different occupations! MOS is essentially a receptionist position. You make appointments, retreive and file records, keep doctor's schedules for them, greet patients, get patients to fill out first-time and repeat-visit paperwork, and collect co-pays. Except for the terminology and the fact that there are doctors and sick people around, it's much like any other office job. Pay is usually in the $10-$15 per hour range.

MA is much more involved with the medical side of things. Depending on your training and the terminology of your employer, MA may in fact be Physician's Assistant, which requires a lot of training. MA is usually less skilled and technical, though; you do help with the patients, but don't give shots, apply bandages, etc. You are there to help the physician, nurse, medic, etc. by staging supplies, handing them things, etc. Pay is better than for MOS, usually in the $15-$18 per hour range.

The most important thing for you to consider is what you enjoy doing, and whether either position will prepare you for any different career you might already be considering.

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