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Trade School Las Vegas

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I ran across these a while back and got around to scanning them. These are from one of my very first trips to Las Vegas, and the only time I remember being there for New Years Eve.

These were taken on Fremont St, waaaaay before the FSE was even somebody's dream, late 70's, not totally sure of the year.

Thanks annie, I moved to Vegas as a young man of 18 starting out on his own in 1980, stepped right out of the Greyhound bus station next to the UP. Shortly thereafter I went to a county funded trade school for a few months located on Main st. about two blocks from downtown, so I spent a lot of time down there living on cheap eats. Needless to say downtown holds a tremendous amount of personal nostalgia, and it's always terrific to see pictures from that time period. I miss the MINT, it had arguably the coolest exterior of all, very hypnotic watching that light bar going up, lighting the star and then gliding back down again. I miss the old Gold Nugget exterior too now. At the time Wynn remolded it, I thought the new look was fantastic, but now I wish it still matched up with its neighbors for nostalgia sake. There's still lots of hotels like the Four Queens that appear untouched by time.

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