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Super-rich neighborhoods in Dallas . . .

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I've expanded my site selection possibilities to include other parts of town, as it's pretty difficult to find an available 1200 sq ft in a strip mall without another haircutter already there. Anyway, I've never had occasion to scout through the super-rich part of town. I went through there looking for available retail spots, and was surprised to find there isn't any--zero--zilch--none in their neighborhood. Somehow, that strikes me as rather peculiar . . . seems to me that every other street corner has a liquor store or laundry or 7-11 or something, but this 10-12 square mile area doesn't have diddly squat. Huge houses (I mistook one for a church), long driveways, the tallest trees in town, but nary a single pizza joint. Anyone have any ideas why?

When foreigners move to the US they dream of opening their own business, which is why so many donut shops and restaurants and auto-repair shops are owned by people with accents. I believe that at some point the US decided that it was low-class to be in trade, so everybody should go to college and become a professional. The bad part, of course, is that we now have an oversupply of lawyers.

No idea why there seems to be an undersupply of doctors, though. Wasn't Clinton going to pay some medical school to reduce the number of incoming students? Never did hear much about that. And we thought that the Teamsters were a strong union...

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