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A ad saying that you spend about $6000 and they say they will give you bunch of MSCE certification. The thing is this real or just another rip-off? There are bunch of trade school around here offering bunch of computer tech certification. My question: do these students spend that kind of money with a bunch of certification get a job??? They say you can earn over $100ka year just for investion $6,000. Do you know any other got a job after grduation trade school?

A few years ago in some job markets someone with MCSE certification could get 60K a year. I never heard of an MCSE making over 60K without a degree and other things.

In today's job market, you need to show up with at least two of three things to expect to get an interview. 1. Degree 2. Certs 3. Experience

If you don't have two of the three, then forget it.

If you study the school brochure, you will find that the numbers they quote are a few years old. IT salaries are going down and the jobs are very scarce in most markets. I suggest you do something else for a living.

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