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I know this comment will bring every racist on the net out from under the rocks, but Colorado state legislature eliminated the four affirmative action programs for state personnel yesterday. Sen. Gloria Tanner (D-Denver and black) blames their loss on "some extremists in the House."

I have noticed that Colorado works over time to stay one step ahead of California in extremisms of all sorts. Some folks say its all those transplanted Californians. We did inherit Douglas Bruce (Calif. Prop 13) who gave us Amendment 1 (same as 13) and is it a nightmare.

I say Colorado is just as ugly as the rest of the country all by itself. We did not need Californians to pass Amendment 2 - which removed any protection for gays under the law. "Special priveleges" they called it for gays. Guess what? They used the same language for affirmative action. So now we are back to square one: the only folks with "special prvileges" are the same ones who've always had them.

I help run a family business that is doing very well. I had a sum of money that I was willing to gamble (ie loss), in the stock market, so I decided to play the oil futures game. (I also wanted to play the grain market, but since it was my first time, I chose to go slow). With the rise in gas prices, I will make a very nice gain. WIth this money, I will invest it in the family business. I have earmarked that a portion of it will be used to finance 4 or 5 full time summer jobs for black teens in a trade school.

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