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Computer applications for higher education?

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Computer applications for higher education?

Nowadays, most students have experience (from high school) in many features of Word, as well as Excel or spreadsheets. What are some other useful course ideas using computer applications that would benefit college students? These are students at a technical/trade college.

I also think Access Database, or just about any database management system, would be a good idea. Another possibility could be something such as Microsoft's Visio which helps in designing logic trees and flowcharts for several purposes. I've just finished getting my Associate's Degree in Computer Science and am now working on my Bachelor's. Most people in the technical/trade area will most likely encounter a database in some form. As for the Visio application, it isn't required a lot from what I've seen, but it can make a lot of projects easier to design and easier for others to follow and understand. Also, while students may have used Excel before, they may not know the power that it possess when it comes to using it for mathematics. I've learned through my Calculus classes that most students don't realize just how much Excel can do in the way of mathematics, graphs and functions.

Another possibility would be a broad aspect Computer Applications program. Like you stated, most of we students had some experience with Word and Excel. However, a Computer Apps course not only helped us become more familiar and comfortable with the computer, it also helped us to learn how programs can interact and made things simpler and helped us be more productive.

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