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Tiger Woods College Career

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Blaine, many of us respect your opinion (including me), so I'd like to ask, why do you say this? Is it because you think his talent will not stand out as much on the PGA or is it based on your other historical references (e.g., Hal Sutton, Bobby Clampett, etc.)

I appreciate that you respect my opinions :-) My opinion on this issue is based on historical references. Contrary to other posters, the US Amateur, although a prestigious tournament, is in no way on the same level as winning a pro tournament. The competition is infinitely better on the pro tour. Sure Tiger has talent, but saying he is going to win a major before he has even won a pro tournament against a tour field is jumping the gun. The only one I could say at the time he was an amateur that would have a chance was Mickelson because he actually won a pro tournament as an amateur, and he had the amateur record to back it up. Although Gamez also won as an amateur, his amateur record was not as good. Furthermore, at least Sutton won a major in his rookie year, something Mickelson didn't, nor did any of the others, and I suspect, nor will Tiger.

Sure Tiger may have already done more than the other players I mentioned, at least as an amateur, but he still has not won any pro tournament against a professional field. Moreover, according to the most recent ratings, he is not even rated as the best college player in the NCAA right now. Winning on the PGA Tour against guys who golf for a living, too me, is the untimate test if you are going to compete on a professional level. You must beat your professional peers to be considered as a possible great professional IMO. Now, that does not even count majors which are even more difficult to win at a young age. Els is an exception to the rule IMO as was Daly's first. I think Daly just played the best he could play, and it happened to be at the PGA. Sluman sis the same thing when he one as did Tway. Daly's British Open win is different to me because the course allowed him to take liberties that a tight course would not allow, thus, giving him a huge advantage. Any course that allows a long player to knock it all over the planet is an advantage to that player.

In sum, yeah, Tiger is a good player, and he might win a major or two in his career, but until he proves himself against a professional field, not a college field, in my mind he is only a possibility rather than a sure thing, and an unlikely major winner until he is over 30 IMO.

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