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Is thailand up to date with technology, vehicles, schools, etc? I have a project and i need alot of information about this question......."Is thailand up to date with technology, vehicles, schools, etc?"

You're right that is a lot of information.

Thailand is an emerging third world nation. Their internet development is spotty, their land lines are antiquated so, dial up is available for residences and many businesses may have DSL or they have dial up. Wireless internet is spotty like it is in the US.

Their cellphone technology is up to date and maybe even exceeds the US. They have 3 major companies AIS, DTAC and True/Orange.

Computers, current versions of the Intel chip may be available but, it is very expensive in Thailand. Computers there cost almost the same as the US. The average office worker makes USD 300 to 1,000 per month. No I am not missing a comma nor another zero. They don't earn that much there.

Vehicles: They have most of the latest vehicles that Toyota, Honda, Nissan make. In fact, I have seen them there before I see the new models in the US. Again, the price of the vehicles are about what you would pay here and so is their gasoline. Yes, you see a few BMW's, Mercedes Benz's, and Volvo's. In general, you mainly see Japanese and mostly Toyotas.

Schools, like the US, they need improvement. Like in the movie Anna and King of Siam, their education system is based on the old english system of the teacher tells you, the student repeats it. And the free education is only guaranteed to 6 or 8th grade. After that the parents pay for it. So, the poor suffer. There have been many calls for improvements in the education system.

Their infrastructure is weak, sewage treatment is in some cases antiquated. In Bangkok, it is almost current. Electricity is available in most cities and many towns.

Their hospitals in Bangkok are some of the best in the world. But outside of Bangkok, they are good.

At best, I can give you some leads. As to where to look. If you look at some of the Government websites for statistics, the stats are very antiseptic and really don't tell you much about the people. I will say, that for a nation of 60 million people, 50 percent are involved in farming and that produces 10 percent of their Gross National Product. You can see how poor they can be.

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