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0 Tech school for Plumbing? I want to go to a Tech school to learn the trade of plumbing. My mother doesn't want me to learn at home. She's alway's had this image of me in a college or University or a Tech school of some sort... I don't know why though. It seems as though she wants me to uphold that vision so that she can one day say "My son went to a school to learn that. He didn't learn alone at home."

It's weird I know.

Anyway's, do any of you fine people know any Tech School in the States that offer Plumbing up to a Master's degree? Please help

Tell your Mom you want more than one option in your life and you'd like to start with becoming a plumber. Then you'll take your earnings and go to college and get a degree in Business Management and start your won company. If you are still in high school, talk with your counselor about going to the tech part of your high school. If that's not available, finish high school and see what the community college has to offer. You could check into the community college to see what it offers right now, but be sure to finish high school.

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