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0 I'm going to a tech college for Accounting, but I want a degree in Music Business Technology & Recording? Here were I think I went wrong! I start'd out lik any other eger person 2 begin college. I atten'd a private college & found out dat their music program decived me & instead of teach'n me record'n techniques & real-life industry info. They were teach'n me everyth'n but that! I took piano less'ns there & one day my piano teacher told me "u think u're gonna make money, sitting in a recording studio making music... ha!" I left her sitting right there in the piano lab & nevr returned. Now I dont know if that was one of those wire pep talks 2 make me go for the gusto or someth'na. But I didnt lik it now one bit, I seen it as she crushed my life-long desire 2 be a well-known pianist & music producer. So then I atten'd a tech & purssued a degree in Accounting, I figured that having a solid source of income couldnt hurt while Im persu'n my career in music. But Im in the 2nd Sem. @ da tech & Im start'n 2 think that its a waste of time. Im only 22, & I dont wanna waste anymor tym! So any advice?

I'd recommend contacting someone in the business, if possible, to see what career path s/he took. You might also want to check out some of the online career guides that deal with that field, such as the College Bound Network But getting some background in business/accounting would be useful in your music career, also!

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