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Hillsborough County - Tampa, FL - School recommendations...

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I'm hoping that someone, with first hand experience, can respond to this question before it's too late. Before the school year starts that is.

My son will be attending middle school next year and I'm clueless as to which public school to send him to. With 'Special Assignment' permission I have a reasonable number of schools to choose from. But, how to choose?

Florida, like many other states, has a public school grading system. His elementary school (Egypt Lake) was wonderful. However, you would never believe that if you only considered the grades they've received over the last three years (D,D,C). He received plenty of personal attention, in large because his classes haven't contained more than 22 students per class since he's been there. Any serious concerns of the teachers were brought to my attention via a personal letter from the teacher, or the perfunctory progress reports sent out prior to each report card.

Now, I have been told, by a close friend and two Magnet School teachers, not to send him to 'Greco Middle' (which has earned B,C,A, respectively, from 1999 thru 2001). I've also been told by others (possibly less qualified), not to send him to 'Van Buren' (which earned C,D,C, respectively, from 1999 thru 2001).

I really want educating the students to be important to the middle school that he attends. He's a very bright boy and I don't want him going astray. If I could afford to send him to a private school I would but I'm a single parent and I can't afford to. I'm doing as much home schooling as I can (both during the school year and summer months), whiling working full-time.

Thanks for the reply John. I attended an open day event recently also. It was at Tampa Bay Tech High School. Stewart is one of the schools on my list.

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