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Southwest Technical College

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I'm looking for confirmation of the continued existence of the aircraft listed below. Some were allocated to cities/towns by the USAFM, others are with technical colleges, and some are at American Legion, Veterans, AFA posts. I'm also looking for the exact location within the town and the date that it was seen.

The list is in alphabetical order by state and location. Camden AR - Southwest Technical Institute: OH-23B 0-16258 and T-33A 58-0651/N88769. Imperial Airport CA - C-131Es 53-7814 and 55-4753 (both were noted here in Nov92). Los Angeles CA - F-104D 57-1333 that used to be with the CA Museum of Science and Industry. Oakland Metropolitan Airport CA - College Of Alameda - OH-13G 52-7957 and T-33A 715 (ex-NASA) last noted in instructional use here in Dec88. Sacramento Exec Airport CA - T-33A 58-0491 was last seen here in Oct89. It is registered to the Los Rios Community College as N94484. Sacramento Metro Airport CA - F-102A 56-2364 was last reported as being derelict here in Oct89. San Jose IAP CA - A Technical College had QU-22Bs 69-7696/N40CA and 69-7698 in Oct87. Suisun City CA - T-33A 55-3021 which is registered to the Solano County Community College as N3497F. Daytona Beach RAP FL - Embrey Riddle Aeronautical School Noted here have been HU-16B 7215 (l/n Oct86), and CT-39A 61-0654 [TG044] (l/n Apr91). Augusta GA - T-33A 51-6746 is believed to be preserved here (details?). Centralia IL - T-33A 52-9651 was allocated to the City for preservation in Apr72. Edwardsville IL - A-7E 159303 is on loan to the town from the NMNA (May94). Freeport IL - GT-38A 60-0555 should be preserved in the city (allocated Apr93). Granite City IL - F-84F 51-9451 was allocated here for preservation in Oct71. Highland IL - VFW 5694 - T-33A 53-4914 should be preserved here (allocated Jan66). Pinckneyville IL - T-33A 52-9663 was allocated for preservation here in Oct71. West Union IL - ALP 1130 - T-33A 52-9604 was allocated for preservation in Oct65. Columbus IN - VFW 1987 - T-33A 54-1547 was allocated here in Oct92. Covington IN - VFW 2395 - T-33A 52-9326 was allocated here in May67. Lafayette IN - T-33A 56-1669 which is registered to Purdue University as N391P. Burlington IA - T-33A 52-9697 was allocated to the city for preservation in May63. Carroll IA - A-7D 72-0254 was allocated for preservation in Jan93. Cedar Rapids IA - F-84F 51-9444 (allocated in Nov70). I believe that T- 33A 53-5916 is preserved at the All Veterans Memorial near the Kingsdon Stadium. Correctionville IA - F-84F 51-1735 was allocated for preservation in Aug71. Fairfield IA - F-84F 51-1818 was allocated for preservation in Apr71. Oelwein IA - ALP 9 - T-33A 51-4406 was allocated here in Feb64. Ottumwa IA - The Indian Hills Community College has F-84F 51-9524 registered as N2250Q. Sheldon IA - T-33A 52-9614 was allocated to the city in Mar67. Sigourney IA - ALP 19 - T-33A 58-0579 was allocated in Mar77. Waterloo IA - The Hawkeye Community College has F-84F 51-9522 registered as N6950N. Independence KS - VFW 1186 - T-33A 52-9258 was allocated here in May65. Linn KS - ALP 237 - F-84F 52-6456 was allocated here in Oct74. Fulton KY - A T-33A is believed preserved on this town. Gretna KY - F-86L 53-0822 is thought to be here. Kapian KY - T-33A 52-9492 is thought to be here. Minden KY - F-89C 50-0743 is thought to be here. Sturgis KY - F-86D 52-3694 is thought to be here. White Castle KY - F-86L 53-1032 is thought to be here. Lake Charles LA - T-33A 57-0609 which is registered to the Sowela Technical Institute as N82852. NAS Anacostia MD - T-28B 137796 which was reported as displayed here in Dec88. Cumberland MD - T-33A 51-4157 was allocated to the city in May64. Ellicott City MD - VFW 7472 - F-86H 52-2048 was allocated in Apr64. Rockville MD - T-33A 51-16988 which was allocated to Montgomery County in Aug65. Breckenridge MI - ALP 295 - T-33A 51-4067 was allocated in Oct64. Dowagiac MI - T-33A 53-5948 which is registered to the Southwest Michigan College here as N62519. Escanaba MI - F-84F 51-1713 was allocated to Delta County in Nov71. Grand Haven MI - F-100A 52-5762 was allocated to the city in Feb69. Grayling MI - ALP 106 - T-33A 51-8673 was allocated in Apr63. Iron Mountain MI - T-33A 53-5610 was allocated in Sep63. Roscommon MI - T-33A 58-0509 is registered to the Kirtland Community College as N57969. Rosebush MI - ALP 383 - T-33A 53-6081 was allocated in Aug75. Sebewaing MI - T-33A 53-5073 was allocated to the village in Jul62. Albert Lea MN - T-33A 53-5158 was allocated in Jun67. Alexandria MN - ALP 87 - T-33A 52-9171 was allocated in Mar92. Buffalo MN - T-33A 51-9235 was allocated in May80. Chisholm MN - Koa Campground (Minnesota Museum of Mining) F-94C 51-13560 (last noted in Sep90). Hector MN - T-33A 52-9842 was allocated in Feb80. Wells MN - F-86L 53-0719 was allocated in Jan88. Winona MN - F-84F 51-9420 is registered to the Winona Technical College as N9450, while T-33A 52-9622 is N86905. Jackson MS - ALP 1 - F-105D 60-0455 was allocated in Nov86. Caruthersville MO - T-33A 53-5004 was allocated in Apr66. Mountain View MO - T-33A 58-0545 was allocated in Apr77. Point Lookout MO - T-33A 53-6055 is registered to the School of the Ozarks here as N99095. Richmond MO - ALP 237 - T-33A 53-5990 was allocated in Mar66. St Louis MO - ALP 179 was allocated T-33A 52-9446 in Jun65. Dutton MT - ALP 64 - F-104D 57-1332 was allocated in Oct88. Glasgow MT - T-33A 52-9564 was allocated in Mar67. Creighton NB - F-84F 52-6642 was allocated in Jul71. Crete NB - F-86D 52-3735 was allocated in Jun89. Franklin NB - T-33A 52-9205 was allocated in May67. McCook NB - F-86H 53-1503 was allocated in Jul70. Neligh NB - RF-84F 51-1929 was allocated in Jun72. Spalding NB - ALP 299 - GT-38A 60-0567 was allocated in Apr93. Valley NB - RF-84F 52-7251 was allocated in Mar82. Belen NM - VFW 81 - T-33A 57-6555 was allocated in Nov87. Long Island NY - Long Island City Aviation High School This school had seven aircraft in Oct90. Details anyone? Monroe NY - F-86L 51-10052 was allocated in Aug63. Wilmington NC - VFW 2573 - T-33A 52-9766 was allocated in Dec78. Dickinson ND - T-33A 53-5078 was allocated in Nov65. Jamestown ND - Preserved here is F-86H 53-1253 (allocated Aug70). Walhalla ND - F-86H 53-1392 was allocated in Sep71. Berlin OH - F-101B 58-0328 (ex-178FIS/ND ANG) preserved outside the Cleveland ATC Centre (last seen Sep89). Columbus/Bolton Field OH - A Technical School here had ex OH-NG UH-1B 63-8541 in a compound (Jun89). Marietta OH - VFW 5108 - T-33A 52-9785 was allocated in Mar90. Comanche OK - T-33A 56-1673 was allocated in Nov76. Elk City OK - T-33A 51-8896 was allocated in May68. Salina OK - ALP 240 - ex Sheppard TTC GT-38A 61-0926 was allocated in Oct92. Vale OR - F-86L 53-0781 was allocated in Jun64. Beaver Falls PA - AFA 217 - F-86H 53-1338 was allocated in May70. Imperial PA - VFW 7714 - F-86L 53-0665 was allocated in Oct61. New Kensington PA - T-33A 51-8513 is preserved in the community park (l/n Apr88). North Huntingdon PA - VFW 781 - T-33A 49-0955 was allocated in Jul63. Greenville SC - NF-86H 52-1976 was allocated in Dec62. Huron SD - VFW 1776 - T-33A 53-6100 was allocated in May78. Crossville TN - T-33A 51-6756 was allocated in Jul63. Dayton TN - T-33A 51-6861 was allocated in Sep65. Knoxville TN - F-86D 52-3679 was allocated in Feb60. Tullahoma TN - CT-39A 62-4481 is registered as N33UT to the University of Tennessee here Cleveland TX - GF-101B 59-0424 was allocated in Mar90. Muenster TX - An F-84F is preserved in the city park (Nov91). Shermam TX - ALP 29 - F-86L 51-6144. Bridgeport WA - F-86L 51-6069 was allocated in Oct61. Othello WA - T-33A 52-9568 was allocated in Jan76. Spokane WA - AFA 245 - T-33A 51-4259 was allocated in Jun63. Milton WV - F-86L 51-6078 was allocated in Dec60. Vienna WV - F-84F 52-7066 was allocated in Apr72. Weirton WV - A-7D 69-6241 was allocated in Dec93. Argyle WI - F-86H 53-1359 is preserved in this town (last seen Apr88). Fall River WI - VFW 2219 - T-33A 53-4897 was allocated in Jul71. Monroe WI - F-86D 51-8455 was allocated in Apr60. New Richmond WI - ALP 80 - T-33A 53-6026 was allocated in Oct70. Prentice WI - VFW 8491 - T-33A 51-8814 was allocated in Nov90. Reedsville WI - ALP 199 - T-33A 53-5986 was allocated in Jun65. Sherwood WI - ALP 496 - T-33A 53-5849 was allocated in Nov66. Wausau - VFW 388 - Ex Sheppard TTC GA-7D 69-6192 was allocated in Jun92. Riverton WY - T-33A 51-4489 was allocated for preservation here in Feb91.

This aircraft is sitting in the weeds near the runway at Winona airport. In very poor condition, and seems to be missing the engines. The aircraft is in Marine colors, and still has the weapons ports open.

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