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Best College or University to go to for guitar? M.I.T.???

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I have found a couple of schools that im interested in, LA Music Academy, in Pasadena, CA, and Mcnally Smith College of music in St. Paul Minnesota. They are both private schools but the school in MN Offers a Bachelors of Music in performance with the option of a minor in Production or a minor in Music Business. The school in Pasadena is just an extensive run through of guitar while teaching you. Its hard to explain. Its complicated but all I want is a school that will help me extend my abilities and will help get me into a music career, because just trying to start a band isnt as easy as it sounds. Its a huge struggle to find dedicated band mates that want to stick with it and not just have something on the side to do, or even to find any for that matter. Im searching for a career! If this makes any sense to anyone that willing to give a helping hand im all ears.

I don't know about MIT, but as long as you mention the Boston area, there's always Berklee...I was a part time gigging musician for a few years(I'm an engineer)so I know how tough the music business is. I'd check out Berklee if you're serious(and can handle the winters here) -they have courses and certs in business and producing, and the school has a great rep in the industry-

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