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Seattle Vocational Institute

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I am a student at "THE SEATTLE VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE" and I am performing a unix installation on a pc. I'm having alot of trouble even with the book that came with programs. I'm using freebsd 4.0 and the book that came with it is called the Complete FreeBSD. When I try to execute the commands in the book i get errors. I installed by booting from a floppy then using the stand/sysinstall command I go to the graphical interface. I then proceed...I configured and got rid of the conflicts...then I continue with the installation of the distributions and configuring the mouse and monitor. Everything seems to be ok...I have screen saver but I cant use startx and view the os with graphics. I keep getting an error that reads.......

This means that the startx' program tries to execute another program called X from the /usr/X11R6/bin directory. That program does not exist, and startx fails. The /usr/X11R6/bin/X program is usually a symbolic link to the proper XF86_xxx program in that same directory. When you configure XFree86 you are asked during the configuration process:

Should I create the X server symbolic link?

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