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Trade school VS university .. HELPP!?

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whats the difference between a trade school and a university? i have asked this question once before, but only got 3 answers.

i am looking into a really good trade school for business (I currently am in NJ). I heard that if you go to a trade school, its worth alot less than if you went to a university, is that true? I was looking into trade schools because of the hands on experience. I eventually want to get my masters in business, and i know i'll probably have to go to a college for that. But while i'm still looking on where to go .. will i still get a good job if i just go to a trade school?

ah! i'm just so confused on the differences. If someone could please help to clarify that would be amazing!

also, do they have like a trade school where i can actually get my bachelors degree but STILL have hands on experience? I'm willing to apply anywhere!

I'm doing engineering and a prof told us we could learn the stuff we need to do on the job at a trade school.......but its the fact that we don't is why we get paid considerabbly more.

University gives you more options in life, flexibility....depending on your major, it teaches you flexibility on the job too.

In the end, a university would be teaching you the thigns you need to know plus a little extra. Trade school will only teach you specific stuff and you willl not be as versatile.

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