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Rochester Community And Technical College

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I want to thank the good folks here at Rochester Community and Technical College for your hospitality... The most important issue-- the most important issue for any governor in any state is to make sure every single child in your state receives a quality education....

I think WE have an obligation to educate OUR children. If you want to live on a Pacific island, isolated from civilization, that's OK with me. But if you want to live here, you should be willing to share the responsibilities of society. Are you one who feels you have NO obligation toward society?? Sort of a cave man philosophy?? If you have no obligations toward society, then we have no obligation to you. So if I catch you in a unguarded moment, I can steal your car, set fire to your house ... and society has no obligation to prosecute me. I cannot comperend such monstrous selfishness. My children have been out of school for 25 years, yet I have no objection whatsoever to paying taxes for the education of the children of others ... as others helped pay for mine. And until you spoke up, I didn't mind helping pay for the Interstate highways on which you drive. But now, it pixxes me off. Goddammit, I'll drive on the highways that I and the REST of society paid for. If you don't want to join in this enterprise, then keep your ass off MY highway; BUILD YOUR OWN.

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