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Ranken tech

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I am considering going to Ranken Technical College, to obtain an associates degree in Network Administration, and I was wondering what kind of positions it would qualify me for? Do you hire Ranken Graduates right out of school? If so what is the quality of the work the do? The degree of there knowledge? What are the approximate starting salaries of the positions that this degree would qualify me for? I thank you in advance for time in answering my questions

I do not know about Ranken Tech's network program, But I do know that the other programs that they run (machinist,carpenter, auto mechanic, HVAC) usually have offers for all of their students and the end of the program. Budweiser, Ralston and other local Fortune 500 hire out of ethem. Ask the school, they will tell you. Its pricey for the education but it does open up doors.

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