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Pulaski Technical College

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They don't typically have an A&P rating do they? By what authority do they sign off repairs and how do they get that authority? I haven't been able to find anything specific to avionics in FAR/AIM.

The A&P is not needed, but most of them have it. Talking to the director of the local A&P school, the only part required is the A (airframe). Then there's another "school" exclusively for avionics. I've discussed this with the avionics shop that does most of the work (as well as the pitot/static & transpoder check) for me. Dick has the A&P because it was just easier to do the entire program.

Avionics is under the jurisdiction of the FCC (Fed. Communications) So in order to do any mods to the aircraft, the person needs a minimum of Airframe (FAA) and the Avionics (FCC).

That's why you don't find anything about avionics in 14CFR (the FARs).

Here's more info from another Technical college that describes the process: (I'm not advocating this school, it's just the first one that appeared in Google search)

"The Avionics/Electronics Technology program offered at Pulaski Technical College is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and abilities to enter the aviation workforce as an Avionics Installer/Technician.

Much of the Avionics program is incorporated into the Airframe Program. As an Avionics student you would be required to take the Aviation General Course, specific courses within the airframe curriculum and Circuit Analysis I and II offered at the Main Campus.

After completing the Avionics/Electronic Technology program requirements the student is eligible to take the Federal Communications Commission Examination (FCC) and receive their FCC License."

Then, the avionics person goes to work for a certified repair station, blessed under the FCC and FAA.

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