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Why people should lay off t.o?

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Why people should lay off t.o?

a black kid grows up ,and never ever goes out his house cuz black kids made fun of a black kid who was darker than normal.he lived with his grandmother,who was a very strict person,however,terrell loved her even more than his own mother.she was all he age 6 or something like that he goes out his house and starts talking to his pretty little neighbor girl.her dad comes out of the house and tells the boy he cant talk to her.why?he then told terrell that he was his father,and that he needed to lay off his high school he earns a scholarship to play ball at a small college.despite not having very good college seasons,he goes in the third round of the draft and signs with the niners.his beloved grandmother was still with him,and he started to grow fame as a great reciever.just when the prime of his career starts,she gets alzheimers or something like she doesnt even know who her beloved "son" is.and now,he is the most misunderstood and hated nfl player.what a life

I'm sorry about T.O.'s personal struggles,but the man is supposed to be a professional.

And his profession requires him to be part of a team,supporting those around him and fitting in.

You and I don't go to work and take credit for everything good that happens there and blame evryone else for our failings.We don't go around telling anyone who''ll listen that our coworkers are failures.

The man needs to live up to his potential,and be a professional.

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